Technical Services


The department has a number of qualified team comprising of Electrical technician, Medical Engineering Technician and ICT Engineer, supported by other trained technicians and artisans.

The objective of this department is to create a safe and conducive working environment as well as ensuring safe and functional equipment for patients, visitors, and hospital employees through a program of continuous inspection, testing and repairs of patient care equipment.

Services offered

  • Management and performance of Breakdown Maintenance (Repair) medical equipment.
  • Management and performance of Planned Preventive Maintenance of medical equipment.
  • Calibration, Performance verification and acceptance of medical Equipment.
  • Participate in Pre purchase evaluation & Negotiations in Procurement: Analysis of
    equipment characteristics in clinical environment ensuring technical and clinical
  • Equipment Retirement Process: The Technicians also determine the optimal lifespan of
    healthcare organization’s technology and its aging, out-modeled and inappropriately costly instrumentation is retired in accordance with relevant authority policies.
  • Maintain and operate power room (Switchgears, transformers, RMU’s, and distribution panel)
  • Electrical troubleshooting, installation & repairing of electric wiring, panel board
    assembly and control panel.
  • New electrical wiring & installation, panel board assembly.
  • Monitor the stock level of important spares.
  • Preform some electro mechanical works as per instruction.
  • Preform preventive maintenance of electrical panel (LPP, PP, DB’s & MDP’s and control
    panel) as per CMMS intervals and time.
  • Electrical installation to new buildings and rewiring of old systems after renovation
  • Building. Constructions and renovations tasks
  • Plumbing and piping water systems
  • Waste disposal (clinical and non clinical)
  • Sewerage management and Environment sanitation

The department is divided into two sub-departments

1. Department of Engineering and Maintenance

  • Electrical Engineering
  • Biomedical Engineering
  • Plumbing Water systems
  • Building and construction engineering

2. Department of Environmental Sanitation

  • Water and waste water management
  • Solid waste management (clinical and non clinical)
  • General cleanliness
  • Laundry department



  • Technology is very dynamic therefore our technicians needs frequent knowledge update or refresher courses to keep them abreast with the fast changing technological world. Due to limited funding, the department would appreciate any organization keen of uplifting technical practice to come forward and assist the department overcome this glaring professional challenge.
  • Lack of system for managing inventory and aiding Engineers in their maintenance, repair and/or spare parts procurement decisions
  • Lack of Sufficient secure workshop facilities (or maintenance rooms) equipped with suitable tools and test equipment
  • Lack of test equipment, maintenance tools, calibration and information needed for proper operation.
  • Lack of medical equipment management and maintenance system.
  • Lack of technical reference materials


There are variety of electronics methods integrated into primary healthcare that improves the quality as well as making healthcare services most available, timely and cost effective

Huruma hospital ICT department was set up to navigate through those technology methods in order to help the hospital realize its dream of provision of quality and affordable healthcare services.

Functions of the department


IT administrators play an integral role in the Hospital and the IT department itself. This is a person available when someone needs help with a technological issue or needs help navigating new equipment. Some administrative duties include the following:

  • Managing clinical software and the other processes that help administrative staff to keep patient records and admissions systems as well as ensuring medical wards, operating rooms, labor and delivery suites and emergency departments run smoothly.
  • Maintain computer infrastructures of the company
  • Assist users with computer and software issues
  • Train employees on new systems
  • Perform software updates
  • Renew licenses and other legal documents
  • Monitor ongoing contracts with suppliers
  • Complete statutory forms
  • Ensure compliance with quality standards
  • Assess potential threats
  • Oversee data storage

Technical support

Tech support involves fixing problems related to hardware and software issues as well as educating staffs and answering questions relating to the technologies they use. Other functions includes:

  • Installing new software or hardware
  • Research and procure IT hardware and supplies
  • Participate in IT inventory asset management
  • Troubleshoot network issues
  • Process documentation
  • Configure phone systems
  • Serve as an escalation resource
  • Install video and audio conferencing
  • Install and configure new printers, copiers and other equipment
  • Repair hardware


Huruma Hospital is always in constant communication with stakeholders. The IT team ensures that whichever method is used is successful. The team always receives training to assist if connection fails. A responsibility tied to communication includes:

  • Set up point-to-point phone calls and conference calls
  • Prepare video and web conferences
  • Maintain and troubleshoot email systems
  • Serve as a consultant to department heads and staff
  • Coordinate security system by adding/deleting users
  • Provide end-user support for computer applications
  • Create backup copies of data sources
  • Load new data into the system