Completed Projects

Completed Projects

Huruma hospital is happy and delighted to bring to your attention some of the major projects successfully carried and completed in 2022. We invite you to contact us for further information if need be.


Huruma hospital for many years had no main entrance where patients and visitors entering and
leaving the hospital could be monitored. This situation for many years posed a threat to the security of
the institution. The hospital lost valuables through unscrupulous people and many patients absconded
treatment and disappear without paying their medical bills. The hospital lost huge revenue that could
otherwise be used to purchase medical supplies.
Visitors and clients visiting huruma hospital using means such as vehicles, motor bike and bicycles
had no place for parking that was secure. The designated parking was outside the hospital where
security was a challenge. Many visitors lost their motor bikes and others had their vehicle windows
broken into and valuables lost. It was a bad reputation for the hospital.
In realization of the situation, huruma hospital through funding from Catholic Diocese of
Moshi began the construction of the main entrance and the parking lot.
The parking lot and the main entrance was officially blessed and opened on 13.10.2022 by Rt. Rev.
Ludovick Joseph Minde Bishop of the Catholic Diocese of Moshi.

Huruma Hospital parking lot and main entrance before

New main entrance

New Parking lot