VCT - Huruma Hospital

The Voluntary Counselling and Testing section of the hospital is focused on the identification and post diagnostic care of HIV infected patients.

Annually, hundreds of the population of Rombo District are tested and counselled here. The work is vital in the battle against this terrible disease.

HIV testing for TB patients as offered as a routine part of the medical examination of TB/HIV patients.

This is in line with UNAIDS statement which states that: “Diagnostic HIV testing is indicated whenever a person shows signs or symptoms that are consistent with HIV related disease or AIDS to aid clinical diagnosis and management. The includes HIV testing for tuberculosis patients as part of their routine Management”.

We promote screening for TB among PLHA as part of intensified case finding. The screening is done using as a minimum, a set of questions based on symptoms and signs to identify TB suspects. The questions provision sites. The screening allows for early diagnosis and prompt treatment thereby improving the chances of survival, quality of life and reducing transmission of TB in the community.