Ultrasound Department

The Ultrasound Department is currently offering its services on Tuesdays and Fridays and is run using three machines, each with distinct capabilities. In the case of an emergency, the department is opened beyond the normal hours.

The oldest is used exclusively for obstetric patients.

A newer model featuring transducers with two selectable frequencies is used for obstetric patients, children and other specific examinations. The frequency selection option opens the machines use to a broader set of patient needs.

The newest machine is a Toshiba with three probes, printout capabilities and may be used for all of the situations listed above as well as Echocardiography with patients having heart related problems.

Departmental Challenges:
Increasing the staff count.

Establishing a larger, better ventilated, facility to handle the number machines in use.

Training in the use of the more sophisticated machines.

Supplies, such as paper for printouts, for the machines.