Huruma School of Nursing

In 1983 Huruma Hospital started Nursing Training at Certificate level.  In 1992 Certificate Training was upgraded to Diploma level.

The school sits at the foot of Mt. Kilimanjaro, Africa’s highest mountain.  The school is on the campus of the hospital.

Aims for Establishing the In-Service Training Programmenurses

  • To upgrade Nurse/Nurse Midwives to the level of Diploma by the end of 2017 in Huruma hospital.
  • To raise the standard of nursing care within the hospital and across the country.
  • To produce the best quality nurses with first class knowledge skills and proper attitudes for the hospital and across the country.
  • To prepare the hospital in conducting other advance diploma conducting other advanced Diploma courses.

The Vision of the School
To ensure the production of competent nurses who will inhance the provision of a cost effective quality nursing care to the community.

Mission of the School
The School is designed to promote excellence in nursing practice so as to meet our client’s satisfaction.

The Philosophy of the School
A healthy population is one of the nation’s developmental pillars.  Having well trained, committed and devoted nurse’s is essential to promoting health in the individual, family and community at the large.
Everyone will be respected regard ness of their colour, sex, tribe and religion.  Education is a continuous process which embraces new technology and community demands and therefore nurses shall keep abreat of current health developments and strengthening the good previously acquired knowledge.