St. Francis Wardfransis

The St. Francis Ward with adult surgical and medical patients, both male and female.

Due to the amount of demand and the nature of the work on the ward, it operates on a three shift basis.

Departmental Challenges:
This is the Department which adult surgical and Medical case the department has 74 bed-Capacity this include 4 privates Rooms.   The department is having more surgical case compare to Medical case.  The ward also used as Gynecology ward as some of Patient I admitted in this department.  The ward is always full and sometimes we add some extra-Beds.  The common case in this department.  Fracture of Femur, Spine and Pelvic, also Gynecology case e.g Uterine Fibroid.  Ovarian Cyst etc.   the department staff try the level best to help those who are in need of cure the main constrain of the Ward is Modern equipment for diagnostic and Intensive care unit as many Post-Operative patient I admitted in this ward.

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