St. Mary Edelqueen Ward

The St. Mary Edelqueen Ward takes care of pregnant women from 28 weeks to full term. It consists of the following:
  • Vitus Hostel (Maternity waiting home for high risk mothers)
    • High Parity
    • Primi-gravida
    • Pregnant mothers with psychosocial problems
    • Pregnant mothers with economic problems
  • At Risk Ward (Admits pregnant mothers with:)
    • Malaria during pregnancy
    • Anemia during pregnancy
    • Previous scar (operations)
    • 1oc degree of APH
    • Pre-eclampsia
    • Bad obstetrical history or other conditions complicating pregnant after 28/40 weeks of gestation.
  • Surgical Ward for Caesarean section procedures.
  • Post Natal Ward
  • Private Rooms for Ultrasound, pre-mature unit, etc.

Departmental Challenges: