Dental Department

For over 20 years, the sterilization method for all instruments in the dental department was boiling. We had no modern sterilizer and the instruments were few compaired to the number of patients treated in the clinic each day. Now the dental department is well equipped with a modern sterilizer, more instruments, and the facilities are clean and sterile.

The Dental Department treats over 1100 patients per year.

The staff is very professional and performs procedures such as dental extraction, fillings, Root Canal Treatment (RCT), Scaling and intermaxillry fixation (IMF).

We thank God for the generosity and care of Dr. Meyer Zu Matrup of Germany who played an important role in securing the donation of the modern sterilizer, instruments and dental materials. We would also like to thank Inge, Cobbers, Ursulla and all benefactors in Germany for their generosity and care.

God bless you all

Sr. Dr. Benjamine Buyu -ADO

Departmental Challenges: